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Cannabis can be used to make almost anything. From clothing to medicine to plastic to paper and beyond, it can be used as an eco-friendly raw material to produce thousands of products and has been for centuries.

In most states cannabis is legally considered “hemp” if it contains lower than .3% THC. Marijuana is the bud of the plant which contains the THC and other cannabinoids like the popular CBD among plenty others. Hemp is the plant’s stalk, from which fibers and hurds are derived and used in manufacturing. The fibers from the stalk are the fibers of planetHEMP.

Products like concrete, hemp seeds, hemp oils, hemp coal, hemp water bottles, beauty products, medicine and other hemp clothing brands all exist and the industry is growing quickly. The Federal Government recently declared industrial hemp fully legal and states across the nation, and nations across the globe are legalizing all forms of the plant. Different uses for cannabis are being studied and discovered regularly and making the switch to cannabis products could lead to a healthier consumer culture and economy.

  • About half of the petroleum that America consumes is in the form of plastic. Durable hemp-based plastic that is completely biodegradable is being used to make water bottles and filament for 3D printers in some countries now and could be adopted in America too.

  • An acre of hemp produces 4 times as much paper as timber due to its shorter growth/harvest cycle.

  • Hemp concrete is used in construction of carbon-negative, energy efficient homes for its superior ability to insulate.

  • Cotton is responsible for an estimated 16-25% of the pesticides used on the entire planet! Hemp is naturally pest-resistant & requires about half the amount of water that cotton needs.

Cannabis brings equal opportunity. Anybody can grow it and use it to bring value to others in hundreds of unique ways. Because of this people everywhere are switching to cannabis-based products now.

We use premium quality hemp fiber and manufacture our products in America. We employ our family and community. We build from the ground up with hemp.

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