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Our Services


Website Development and Digital Management

- A website with beautiful imagery, effective calls to action, forms to gather user data, branded content, a robust Shop Page, integrated social media accounts and a Blog packed with thorough content for your most loyal following.

- Daily Social Media and Website management including: Instagram and Facebook targeted audience growth and engagement; consistent posting to all Social Media platforms with links to your Website; consistent visual content creation and visual updates to Website and Social Media accounts; plus email and SMS Marketing Campaigns.


Content Creation

Our experienced Creative Team captures the perfect visuals to match the digital strategy we build around your business objectives. The photos and videos we generate in collaboration with you will be used to build an enticing and effective website and to drive traffic to it through social media channels.

We host regular photo shoots featuring your products and services with Brand Ambassadors who will post testimonials to their followers.

Instagram and Facebook have over 3 Billion active users combined. The platforms favor eye-catching content and links that don’t disappoint, so we use killer visuals to build a strong network within your online and physical community.

Reach the people that need you with a strong first impression.


Web Traffic Control

- Targeted traffic to your website via Facebook, Instagram, SMS and email marketing campaigns. Twitter & Snapchat solutions are available if applicable for your business.

- User information collection.

- A data-driven strategy built around your business objectives and on-the-fly web content management to keep your site fresh and capture hot leads.

- Performance reports, a digital strategy updated for you in real-time, billing schedule & online payment capability, plus other convenient integrations are available to you in a customizable Private Digital Hub. These integrations ensure our smooth communication and that our services, performance and billing are transparent. Access to your Private Digital Hub is restricted and password-protected.

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What makes our Digital Strategy the most effective on the market?

A Digital Strategy built around your Business Objectives is what allows our methods to be so effective. We learn about your business over a series of consultations and build a website suited to your needs. Your website is the core of the Web Traffic Control Strategy. It is where potential clients/customers land, and it is where we capture user data, qualify leads and close sales. Your business objectives are number one priority so we build your website to reflect them. As your needs change, we are able to adjust your website accordingly.

Your website is on us.

You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a website! We’ll build yours FOR FREE.

Your improved website includes all Social Media, Blog and Shop integrations to make your customer’s online experience unique and simple! And don’t worry, you can keep your domain name!

Your Website comes free when you hire us as your Digital Manager!

Let’s talk! I need to learn about your business in order to help you fully! Push the button below and we can schedule a time to meet.

Already have a website?

Your current website will stay in tact! Your Free Website will only go live once you approve it!

About Us

Using agile web development and eye-catching social media content to direct traffic to your website and maximize its business potential.

We are a family-owned and operated sustainable clothing brand with a specialty in online sales. Bootstrapping our family business in the Digital Age taught us how to achieve growth using the internet while operating within a budget. The internet can be an extremely powerful tool for all businesses so we learned how to maximize its potential use in ours.

Our learned digital expertise is now available for your business.


Meet some of our valued clients!


Duane Palmieri

Commercial & residential Real Estate Sales


Dahlia Gardens

Home & Garden Center

Who is this for?

planetHEMP Web Traffic Control is for small and medium-sized business owners that have customers, clients and employees to take care of. We’ll handle your Digital Strategy so you can sleep at night.

Highly Effective for:

  • Physical & Online Retailers

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Agents and Teams

  • Car Sales

  • Property Developers

  • Pet Stores and Pet Service Providers

  • Gyms and Workout Facilities

  • Independent Contractors

  • Studios

  • Any small/medium-sized business with a need for online presence

So to recap, our strategy includes:

  • Custom website with blog & shop pages (if applicable), ready in a month or less

  • Social media account management & growth

  • Original content creation for your website & social media

  • Web management, including on-the-fly updates

  • Daily traffic-driving website and social media posts

  • Solid landing pages and calls to action that work! on Instagram 


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