Our style is made for humans and Earth. 

Hemp can be used to make almost anything. From clothing to plastic to paper (and beyond), hemp can be used as a substitute raw material for just about anything.

Hemp can replace the need for petroleum in the production of many types of plastic.  About half of the petroleum that America uses is in the production of plastic.  Well, we can create a plant-based plastic that is completely biodegradable without sacrificing quality.  In fact, some people are doing it now.

Hemp can also substitute the growth of cotton.  Cotton is responsible for an estimated 16-25% of the pesticides used on the entire planet!  Hemp is naturally pest-resistant & requires about half the amount of water that cotton needs.

What we strive to do at planetHEMP is allow for a seamless transition into the use of hemp as a society.  We want to provide you with the highest quality apparel possible, so that people can begin to view hemp in a new light.

We make clothing for a sustainable future.  You wear clothing that makes you look and feel good.

Welcome to our world.

Samuel Graeb, Owner