3v3 2019 Tournament Entry

3v3 2019 Tournament Entry


The tournament is held at Scott Park in Carnegie, PA and participants will have the opportunity to play for cash in a bracket of 16 teams. Each team is guaranteed 3 games during round robin play. Team records are considered mid-day and elimination brackets are determined. All 16 teams make elimination round, and will be ranked based on round robin play. All elimination games will be refereed and played in the afternoon. Food trucks will be available on site for players between round robin and elimination games.

After you hit the “Play” button, you will be prompted to enter information about your team. All teammates must be registered in order to play. Teams are limited to 3-4 players.

We will follow up your Tournament Entry payment with an email to confirm your official entry, and the week of the tournament we will text all members a schedule and bracket.

Prize money will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners at the event. 80% of the pot goes to 1st place team and 20% will be awarded to the runner up.

Check-in starts at 10am..

Let’s ball! See you August 10th!

-Sam from planetHEMP